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The Plight of the Maragoli: A Story of Statelessness in Uganda.

The Maragoli community, with roots tracing back to Saudi Arabia, has faced a long history of statelessness in Uganda. Despite their significant contributions to the Bunyoro region, they have been denied recogni...

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Assessing the Legal status of wetlands in Rukungiri District

On 17th April, 2024 HEAPI’s legal team were in Rukungiri District to attend a court session on Ruhinda Wetland Case which was scheduled for 18th April at the High Court in Rukungiri. On that evening, they were ...

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Special Report

Displaced by Oil: The Story of Over 1000 Residents Forced Out by Exploration in Hoima District – Part II

Following a successful survey, which confirmed that 37 families of the pastoral communities resided on the disputed land, the RDC instructed the claimants to pursue legal recourse and obtain an eviction order a...

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Special Report

Displaced by Oil: The Story of Over 1000 Residents Forced Out by Exploration in Hoima District – Part I

The discovery of oil in the greater Albertine region initially sparked optimism, but the sentiment swiftly faded for over a thousand residents across seven villages in Hoima District. These villages, including ...

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The FAQ Document for the Ndaga Muntu Case

The Ndaga Muntu case, jointly filed on April 25, 2022, by HEAPI in collaboration with the Initiative for Social and Economic Rights (ISER) and Unwanted Witness (UW) against the Attorney General of Uganda and th...

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Government should align COVID -19 interventions with Uganda’s mental health challenges

By Odur Anthony. (First Published by PML Daily and The Independent Magazine in April 2020). The COVID -19 preventative and control measures in place and the insurmountable updates transmitted through radio, tel...

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HEAPI’s Esomu Obure was hosted this morning on The Alternative Digitalk This morning on The Mighty Drive, Faridah Bikobere and Omumbejja Lilian Luwedde hosted our Head Legal, Mr. Esomu Obure. The discussion was ...

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Update on the HEAPI Case on Carbonated Drinks and Fast Foods

Uganda has over 40 million people. This predominantly youthful population is endangered. Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) kill up to 100,000 people annually accounting for 35% of the total annual deaths in the c...

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Fair Health Advocacy Video 2021

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Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination a violation of human rights – Activists

Written by Ernest Jjingo, The Observer (17/02/2022) (Photo/Hajarah Nalwadda/The Associated Press) Several leading figures have criticised government’s efforts to amend the Public Health Act in order to make it ...